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Milwaukee Ultimate Frisbee Pickup
Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30pm

Free informal pick up Ultimate frisbee every Thursday at 6:15 5:30 is starting May 24, 2012! All ages, genders, ability levels welcome but you need to be physically fit enough to run. We'll play at the lakefront near the tennis courts. Fields are all first come basis so unless a benefactor wants to donate $10/hour for a reservation we'll need a backup plan in case the two fields by the tennis courts are occupied. Then plan B is 1/4 mile south near the pedestrian overpass. If those fields are also full then follow the driveway there all the way past the kite shop to the last parking lot (Sailing Club). That field is usually available. RSVP here.

Please watch this spreadsheet for updates and add your info. (You can use just first name/last initial or even a pseudonym). Then send an email to the address below so I can contact you, and get your friends to sign up too. See you soon! (Updated July 2013)


Tuesdays too now, same place and time.

Disclaimer: Before playing you must agree to the following: Ad poster and all other players with this group are not liable for any accidental injury or death incurred as a result of playing this sport. All competitive sports, especially those involving running, inherently have some serious risk including but not limited to the risks of accidental collision and cardiac arrest. By playing, you certify that you have been cleared by your doctor as fit to play this sport. You also agree that the risk of accident, injury or death is entirely borne by yourself and in no way the responsibility of any other member of the group, or the group as an entity.




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